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Florida 201669
January 2, 2007
(Updated: December 12, 2008)
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A great location to just get away from it all. This time of year the five RV sites in primitive camping referred to by other reviewers stay pretty busy - there was one open during the week-end we were there. These are referred to as PRV1 - PRV5 if you call for reservations. These sites are meant for motorhomes as you pull into them and back out. If you tried backing a trailer in, all the hookups would be on the wrong side. It's a beautiful view of the lake out your front windshield or from your pad while outside. No one was using the tent/popup sites actually on the beach in front of the RV sites. If you have a popup , these are great sites as they are right on the beach, nothing betweenyou and the water. If you have a boat you can pull it up to the shore and tie it to a tree. Bathhouse behind us wasn't used by us or anyone else that we noticed. The normal RV park to the North of the primitive campground appeared to be full or almost full when we went though on our bicycles. Absolutely no amenities (other than a small exchange) on base but as others have said Starke is about 15 minutes to the West with many restaurants, a Walmart Supercenter and the infamous Revel's RV Supply and Service (don't stop in here unless you have plenty of time for idle chit-chat). Middleburg is about 15 minutes to the Northeast and it also has a few restaurants, a Walmart Supercenter and Home Depot (you have to go about five miles North of Middleburg to reach the Walmart and Home Depot).
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