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March 2013
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We have enjoyed staying at the Jacksonville RV Campground - having done so many times over the past 5 years of full-time RVing. We only stay from a few days to a week at one time. My husband is a DOD Retiree with the US Air Force, as his spouse I am a retired Realtor. JAX RV Park has always accepted us even though the Military Campground Directory said (at one time) "no DOD", now it states "Jacksonville DOD Retired". Just to clarify in our own minds; I called JAX MWR in late March and they very politely told me, "Yes, we do accept DOD Retirees from other branches - your husband is welcome to come stay". Then she asked me if I was also a DOD Retiree...I told her "no". She explained that the latest change of rules offer RV sites to DOD Retirees but if the spouse or significant other is not DOD Retired or Active Duty then they are NOT permitted. I laughed thinking she was kidding, but she assured me that - that is now the rule. She also said many of their regular RVers are very unhappy after being told that the only way they can stay is by leaving their "non-DOD Retiree Spouse or Significant Other" at the curb or at best; at home (if you have one). She agreed that it's a very unfair reg. We just wanted to alert our fellow RVers of this situation before they drive on base only to be rejected because your spouse is not allowed to stay with them. And if you want to get it changed spread the word and become a squeaky wheel.
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