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December 2011
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Agree with below comments regarding homesteaders. When staying at JAX NAS RV park for two weeks last December,2011, we noticed a hand full of them (mostly active duty and DOD civilians) who were there from our visit in 2010! We learned from other campers that some of these homesteaders have been in the campground for Y E A R S ! Agree with below post, we also wonder how "they swing that being there are length of stay rules." One active duty Navy O6, with a class A, has been there for years. One DOD civilian we talked with freely told my wife and I that they had been there for years. He retired from DOD last winter and will continue to stay in the campground! Another active duty Navy officer (flyer - choppers) had also been there full timing for a few years! But, when you ask at the office you are given the "party line" about your length of stay. Retirees were told they could no longer stay beyond a certain date. The ones with valid medical reasons should be able to stay longer. But the three mentioned above had no valid medical reason. They were full time homesteaders. The RV park is not a mobile home park. MWR JAX: enforce the rules equally and fairly. Which you are not doing now. One of the campers, was a trouble maker ( threading people !). The office and director was made aware of his threats and behavior. But, they did nothing to remove him from the RV park. On his own, he went down to Key West. Good luck to those people down there putting up with this guy. Which brings us to another point: when campers are out of line in military RV parks REMOVE them. If warranted give them a warning. Otherwise, let’s keep out military RV parks safe. Laundry room: thanks to one retiree who made it his full time job to run off unauthorized users of the laundry room, the washers and dryers were freed up! Every time we stay at JAX NAS RV park, people who are NOT staying at the RV park or the marina, get into the laundry room and will do clothes before paying customers! Again, whoever that retiree was, we thank you for running them out of the laundry room and calling the base security when needed. MWR: you need to change the combo number to the laundry room and bath house often. You ESPECIALLY need to have a different number for the women's shower room and the men's shower room and the laundry room. You are asking for trouble by having the same number for males and females! Back to the retiree: he called, and kept on the office, to get the exterior lights fixed, dryer fixed, street light fixed, dryer vent cleaned out (was stopped up), had the steel spikes sticking up out of the ground hammered into the ground (present a safety hazard) and other things done. A host would do the same job if you would get one.
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