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March 23 - April 1, 2012
(Updated: April 28, 2012)
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As usual we had an enjoyable stay here. The place is run down and looks as if very little of the money taken in is put back into the park. The shack with the WiFi router needs replacing. The patio covers need to be torn down. They are rusted so bad you can't sit under them because whatever falls on them falls on you. There is at least five trashy looking sites. One site had a travel trailer, utility trailer, boat trailer with boat, a pickup truck and an SUV. The patio was filled with very large furniture and you couldn't get another thing under the trailer. One site had 3 large BBQ grills. Several sites had refrigerators on the patio. I'll never understand why management lets these situations get into this shape. The WiFi shack is terrible. We went down to the cabin area to use that one but the table that was in there was replaced with more exercise equipment that no one uses. A note for those expecting to turn right out of the campground onto the Bay Bridge. You can't do that anymore. You have to turn left onto White Point Road and go to Highway 20 and make a right and drive about a mile to the new entrance/exit road to the bridge. With all this, we keep coming back and will come back again. It's a decent enough place for us to do our running around from.
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