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Florida 201669
March 1st 2012 to April 15 2012
(Updated: November 09, 2015)
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Stayed here for 6 weeks. Quite at times. Local people use the camp ground on week ends. Alot of people with boats. Both fishing and recreational. With two cars and a boat at your site makes it a bit crowded. Real pretty campground. We stayed in the new section. All sites are spaced so everyone can see some of the lake from there site. You can walk or jog on Avenue A. When the traffic goes by you they are suppose to slow to 15 MPH. This doesn't happen as the locals use just one speed. (fast) Not patrolled very well. The laundry room is located next to the billeting area. This is ok. At least they have one although it is dirty and very expensive compared to other bases. Bathroom are only located in the primitive area(tent). Used them once and never again. They should be torn down and rebuilt. They are beyond repair The fees are high compared to other bases. I don't know where their money goes. Not back into there facilities. We have seen prisoners policing the grounds, but thats it. Some of the buildings and table covers along with the sign frames need painting. There are host in the old area and tent area. We saw the host in the old area once. The other two we never saw. The host in the tent area are poor examples as there site was not neat and kept up. don't know whet their responsibility is, but its not cleaning. The campground is run by the recreation and not the MWR. You have pay a state tax on your site fee. Dogs are charged for staying. This is great, but some campers thought it was ok to let there dogs run without a leash. They have a very nice restaurant next to the recreation office. You can also eat with the troops in the consolidated mess. Both places have good prices. I would stay again, but it would be in the old area.
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