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June 20. 2011
(Updated: July 03, 2011)
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Had planned to stay here for 4 nights. Rented one of the two bedroom mobile homes they have on site. Ended up staying one VERY LONG night then leaving as soon as it was daylight. Mobile home was filthy and infested with roaches and ants. The a/c unit looks like it came from an industrial plant-huge and loud. When it kicks on the mobile home literally moves...did I mention LOUDLY? It did keep the place cool though...the bugs looked comfy. Campground itself needs a great deal of cleanup. Overgrown is an understatement. Weeds are knee-high. Main area of camp appears to have been an old airfield. Now is just a cement, weedy, huge parking lot. The beach had potential-until we realized the sand was covered in ants. Have been to a lot of beaches in Florida but never had to leave because of ants on the sand! Same thing in the playground-structures were ant covered. We are not picky people...first time we ever left a place early due to poor conditions. This park is not worth your time or your money.
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