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February 10 - 16, 2011
(Updated: February 15, 2011)
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We have come here at least once every year for the past seven years. I posted an extensive review back in October 2007, so this is just a brief update on some minor changes. My star ratings tell you I still think this is a great place. Recently the new base commander instituted a policy that when the MWR folks check you in to the campgrounds, you must show them a valid vehicle registration and proof of insurance for your RV and toad. So have those documents with you when you go in to register and save yourself a trip back outside to get it. Another surprising change, having nothing to do with camping, is that the Sunset Lounge (at the Sigsbee marina, for those not in the know) has closed and emptied out the indoor portion of the restaurant. It now operates ONLY on the back deck area, with overflow under a canopy next to the deck. This being a cold and windy day, we decided not to dine there because it was like a refrigerated wind tunnel on the deck. The camp host tells me the building was closed by the base fire marshall because it didn’t meet fire code standards (thatched roof, not enough exits). He said there was no word yet on whether MWR would ever rehab the building to meet code. Just food for thought while contemplating another day in paradise here in the beautiful Trumbo Point campground.
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