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3 - 9 April 2010
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We gave the amenities a 1 as there isn't anything at the campground other than the campground. We did not find this to be a problem but don't come here expecting a short walk to a PX, theater, or other such facility. It's just a nice place to camp. Definitely not one of the top rated milcamps. Sort of had a state park feeling to it. Just a campground. The road off the highway to the campground is paved but has a few holes. It keeps the speed down. Sites appear to have at least some shade and some are fully shaded. They are spaced far enough apart so you don't feel like you're too close to your neighbor. Some noise from the bridge traffic but it wasn't too bad. Restroom/bath house was always clean. Cable TV on our site was unwatchable. Picture was usually so grainy that you couldn't make out what was on TV. We eventually gave up hoping the picture would improve and went to OTA. It was not a big factor as we were not there to watch TV but it would have been nice to get reliable news. WiFi was slow but reliable. Manager was very friendly and helpful.
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