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Nov 09- Mar 2010
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Not sure why this place is so popular. Must be because it's in Florida. Fire ants have taken over the park, and after a meeting with the famcamp manager, he informed me it was just a fact of life at the base. {I bet the four star's don't have to take care of their own ants} And just to warn you, it's up to you to rid of them or live with them. Also, it's your responsibility to keep your space mowed, they will provide you with a mower. Are you having trouble figuring out just what they do for you with all the rent they collect, me to! It's not clean the bathrooms, they are the dirtiest I have ever seen. It's not provide you with power, {if you are in a 30amp site}. Our voltage was below a hundred all winter. Electrician who worked on it told me the 30 amp sites were all like that. They do plan a lot of outings, but not for your benefit, they are so pricey, no one can afford them, I guess that's so they can afford to pay all those connected to outdoor rec. Most of the famcamper's I talked to told me this is the way it is here. They keep promising updates, but nothing happens. Probably because they have a 200+ waiting list every year. Until we make a stand {and go elsewhere a year or two} and force them to close the place or fix it nothing will change. The base however is fantastic, great comm/bx, gym, golf, and all well taken care of. Wish they would treat the famcamp the same way.
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