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November - April, 2010
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Very quiet and peaceful. My biggest complaint is that the management could care less about the upkeep of the CG. Weeds are knee high, fire rings never cleaned, street lights half out along with the lights on the power hookups. We stay here quite often and it is a beautiful area and a good price - word is the manager is more interested in the disc golf than the campers. Camp hosts are in each area (A and B) but other than getting a free site they don't do anything that anyone can see. Same pieces of trash blowing around the CG for the past 2 months. Restrictions on the B side require individuals to leave (no homesteading) at least once during the summer months but it is a known fact there are two or three individuals that are permanent residents. Why? Something about their CO writing and getting an exemption - wonderful - at least one of them is drawing full BOQ and the other is a retired Navy working for a DOD contractor. This could be a top notch CG if managed properly - too bad the Air Force doesn't run it. I am a retired MCPO and it's a shame not more attention is given to this facility.
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