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25 - 29 November 2008
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Stayed at the on base campground. The facility on base IS NOT big rig friendly. Spaces are small and tight. Tow vehicle and car has to park in parking lot across street. We stayed in row closest to cabins. What a mistake that was. A large group rented two or three cabins and decided to have half the student diver population there for a party. Someone called the base security because the yelling and screaming by the drunks was too much after 11 pm. The party would see the police arriving and hold it down. As soon as base security departed they went right back to being drunks screaming and yelling. The next night same show. Same base security but this time with three vehicles. Again as soon as the security departed right back to the party. The people staying in the cabins had no regard for RVers. One RVer had neighbors dog crap under his rig. He addressed this issue with his neighbor and they seemed to care less. Addressed it the office and the manager did speak to the dog owner. Speaking of dogs, the party crowd in the cabins had a large black dog in the cabin. Despite rules that that say they can not have pets in cabins. The dog barked at night. To my knowledge nothing was done to the people who stayed in the cabins. Guess RVers don't rate there. The rest rooms were dirty. No laundry facilities at the on base location. Will not stay there again. The off base facility has nothing by it. You have to go out the electric gate in vehicle cannot walk out. Laundy is located at the off base location but on base RVers can not use laundry at the off base location. Makes no sense.
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