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Nov 15 2008
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I have been to many camps and this by far is by far the worst run camp I ever visited. For starters the camp does not have a camp manager that gives a damn about the people. Camp rules are only enforced when the people in the park complain about the conditions. For example the camp rules state that "...only RV's up to 30 amps will be assigned to this site. NO EXCEPTIONS." What a joke, there are at least two rigs that are using a step down pigtail at Postl Point at this time. There are at least 8 open slots at the Camp Robins camp grounds that have hookups for 50 amp rigs. The Office was informed of this and the person on duty was not aware that they were there, I wonder who signed them in? Did the Staff member correct the situation? NO. If you are a recreational person and want to go to the warm waters and play with your water toys IE boat or pwc or bring a 4 wheeler with you, don't bother going to Eglin because you will NOT be allowed to have them in the camp. You can however pay additional fees to have your recreational toys placed in a unsecure area away from the camp grounds. Never mind that a retired person camping next to you has a cargo trailer stored on his site, and you might have to live next to a "roach coach stand that is being stored on their site that's allowed. God forbid that the camp site look like a rec area. Is Eglin Famcamp following a "selective enforcement" policy? You bet they are. The camp grounds at Postl Point have at least 16 open slots yet if you are a young family and can not afford a class A motor home but want to bring your family out for a vacation do not think you can use one of the sites that have water and electricity, even if your willing to pay the price. You will be made to MOVE OFF the site! What a bunch of BS that is. I thought the "famcamps" were for the active duty people and the management should do everything to make them welcome not turn them away. The camps at Eglin are catering to the "snowbirds" and retired people that will stay in the camp for extended stays. The camp manager even has a Friday cook out that resembles a "meals on wheels". The bathhouse at Postl Point has a shower stall that has been closed for repairs for a very long time, leaving one stall for 22 camp sites. There needs to be a chance in how this base runs it's "rec area", be they run what should be a great place to go into a retirement trailer camp.
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