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15 FEB - 1 MAR 2008
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This is actually called NSA Campgrounds in the Military RV Campground book. We stayed at the on-base campground. It definitely was not a good experience from the very start. First of all, to go into the campground you have to do a real tight hairpin turn and all of a sudden people started yelling at us - we stopped and found that we had hit a tree (they said it was the second time it had happened that week!) We didn't even hear or feel anything but sure enough, we had scraped along the side of our rig, including our dining area window. Well, that was truly a bummer since we've only had the rig since October. Oh well, I guess it could have been worse. Then it took us 40 minutes to get situated into our campsite - with about 7 staffmembers helping! The campsites are so close together and nearly impossible to navigate into. There are cabins in front of and in back of the campsites which makes it all the more difficult. Even though the maintenance guys were accomodating, I didn't find the office girl very friendly or helpful. You can't keep your vehicle with your rig so we had to go park the truck in a nearby parking area. There's a nice little beach area nearby and you can get a site almost right ON the beach. A tiny exchange. The mess hall is great and is within walking distance. We went there often. No coin laundry on base. There IS a coin laundry at the off base site but you can't use it. We found one off base and it was EXPENSIVE! $2 for washers. There's a building called the MAIN DECK directly across from the campground and there is FREE food and non-alcoholic drinks every Wed and Fri. It's really a bar, but you don't have to be a drinker to go in. There is karaoke on certain nights and there is a pool table (free) and darts (coin operated) and foos ball (free). DON'T wear your CAP inside this building or you have to buy a round of drinks for EVERYONE at the bar! You CAN have mail forwarded here. They have a little mail box in the office where you can check if mail came for you and there is also a modem for those that need to use their laptop. The beaches in Panama City are great and free and not too far away.
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