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27 MAR - 7 APR 2008
(Updated: May 18, 2008)
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I would not recommend this place to anyone. It is obvious that they grudgingly tolerate you but it is even more obvious that they don't really WANT you there. There is NO one to ask questions of, if the caretaker isn't there. EVERYTHING is off limits. There is a beautiful waterfront area just feet from the 4 camping spaces but it is strictly off limits due to liability issues. When I looked around one day wanting to ask a question, every door was locked and no admittance signs were everywhere. When I finally found a coastguardsman to talk to, he had his hand on his pistol at his side as I approached him. I am a middle aged woman and I wouldn't say that I look like a terrorist! He was definately NOT friendly, either, even when I explained that I just wanted to ask a question regarding the RV park. We had a difficult time finding the place as it is not labeled well and is right on Hwy 1, so overshot the entrance and had to find a place to turn around, which is tough w/a 5th wheel. There was very limited TV reception. Some days we got a channel or two for a couple of hours but most of the days we got NO TV reception. I didn't get that at all. It is certainly too much money for what you get. They had recently raised the rates to $25 a day. I realize that it's THE KEYS, but there is nothing to do there and no facilities of any kind on the tiny base and Key West is 50 miles away. The reservation process is difficult. You cannot make reservations over the phone, instead you have to fax or mail the reservation in which is not an easy process if you're a full timer and yet when we were there, we were the only ones in the RV park a lot of the days. We're not normally hard to please, nor are we complainers, and have never had a similar experience at any other military RV park. We would never go back, which probably would make them very happy to hear. I don't know why they just don't close the RV "park" down. Mail forwarded there is not permitted but you can have mail forwarded to you general delivery at the U.S. Post Office just up the street.
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