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Florida 201669
20 JAN - 2 FEB 2008
(Updated: May 17, 2008)
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Camp Blanding is an Army National Guard post which seems fairly deserted. Not much troop activity that we could see. There is a barber shop on post, but it's only open on Thurs, Fri and Sat. There is no commissary here and only a tiny exchange, which is sort of like an old country store with a little bit of everything but actually nothing that is of any use! Has a coin laundry. Not a particularly friendly RV office lady. Had mounds of fire ants outside our trailer. It's an 11 mile drive into Starke to get groceries. It's a very economically depressed area. Lots of shacks and delapidated houses along the drive. Have only one TV station here - ABC. It's a good strong signal though and cell signal is good. No cable TV. It really is pretty here. We were in the primitive section where there are 5 slabs with full hookups, which looked like the best place to be, as we drove around to check everything out. We were right on a lake, which we heard was created from a meteor, many years ago. They have a nice little beach. We had a real nice view of the lake from our living room area. You can hear occasional cannons going off and troops running to cadence nearby. You can walk out onto a nearby pier. There are herons and the water is VERY clear. We even saw an eagle in flight. Went to the Chapel on post on Sunday but it was locked up tighter than a drum. There is a museum on post and a mess hall.
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