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March 21 to April 4, 2008
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Fourth time staying in Anchor Cove. Great place to stay, however "A" side needs improvement. Dead trees and limbs need cutting. Electrical needs upgrades and bath house facilities are old and worn out. Without sewer hookups, a bath house is a very needed facility. The day I arrived, I was very lucky indeed to get a site. The dulcimer group was in as well as the SMART group. Only site big enough for my 40ft motor home was only vacant because a vendor(for the dulcimer group) left early. Military (retired or active duty) should be able to get in ahead of civilian groups. Was informed by one host that all proceeds from the area go to Jacksonville. If that's the case, someone needs to get some of that money back for improvements. Even with all the short comings, I still enjoy my stay at Blue Angel. I did stay on the "B" side briefly in Feb, 2008. Nice sites, full hookups, but much more expensive. WiFi didn't work the whole time. Several of us retirees found module in soffit dead. When we reported it nothing was serviced. Only reason we stayed in "B" side was arrived when raining cats and dogs and site was available. My active duty son and family stayed in one of the rental trailer units and found them to be a great deal with plenty of room. Two bedrooms with full kitchen and living area with a great deal of space to move around.
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