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Florida 201669
Early Feb, 2008
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Located kind of out of the way between Jacksonville & Gainesville, it is not too difficult to find although our GPS wanted to take us in through a gate that is closed. Rent-a-cop security guys are friendly enough and gave good directions to get to campground. Jean in the Recreation office was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. When questioned as to why there is a $2.75 per pet per day charge she explained that they receive no Federal or State funding and so the fee is a money raiser, not a form of punishment or disincentive for pet owners to stay away. I think this is an unfair method of raising money and would rather see a small increase in the camping fees if needed to fund the place. Also, pets are not allowed anywhere on the post outside of the campground. That's unfortunate because it limits the abilty to exercise with your dog. They really need a bath house in the "regular" RV area and a laundry facility in the office area would be a good enhancement. They are in the process of adding sites and that is certainly welcome, but they are doing it in an unorganized fashion. They are simply strip clearing fairly large areas with no idea as to how many sites they'll put there. After they get the area stripped of all living vegetation, they will lay our some sites and figure out what they'll put in. This is too bad because the already existing sites are nicely located under the trees and surrounded by naturally landscaped areas. The new sites will be out the the wide open and hot sun all day long. The only benefit of the work going on is that there is plenty of fire wood for the campfires as they are having the Florida Correction Department prisoners working on the expansion project cut up all the trees into a good size for splitting and burning in the provided fire pits.
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