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Florida 208367
June 2022
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We like this Famcamp. We've stayed here a few times before. We were surprised at how full it was during the summer. It was extremely hot and humid and buggy, which is pretty typical of Florida, but was unpleasant nonetheless and we're still healing from the noseeums bites despite contantly spraying with bug spray. There is a beach and boat ramp (and rentals) within walking distance. This is the bay and the water is murkier than the gulf beaches, which are about an hour drive away. The Seascapes was not open while we were there (for a month), and appears to still be recovering from some storm damage. I hope they get it back up and running as I feel it is a great option for rv park guests. The wifi and even cell service is very sporadic. We were in the second row from the road and were unable to make phone calls and the internet rarely worked. It did seem to work better closer to the laundry room, which is very large with so many machines ($1.75 for washer, .25 per 8 minutes dryer). The laundry room was a sauna and so unbearable that I had to grab my laundry out of the dryer and take it back to my RV to hang/fold. I think they got the a/c fixed a day or two before we left. The camp host is super friendly and definitely stays on top of everything. Tampa is right outside the gates with lots of things to do. As of this time (June 2022), the base has gone back to wearing masks indoors, seems to be only this base because we moved on to Patrick and there is no mask mandate there. I meant to add in my review that we had issues with the consistency of our electricity. We have the surge protector that conncects directly to the box, but we had a lot of trouble with our residential fridge. The temperature kept fluctuating between 38 and 52 degrees, causing our temperature alarm to go off a lot. We thought our fridge was going out, but we've since moved on to another RV park and have had no issues here, confirming that the electrical current at MacDill Famcamp is not consistent. Just something to be aware of.
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