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1-22 Jan 2022
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Had a short notice trip to Tampa and decided to take the RV instead of staying in a hotel. I knew it would be busy and prepared for some time in dry camp. Ended up on the end of a row right next to the boat launch exit...beautiful spot even if it had no utilities. Evening camp host was very nice and guided me to parking. I was able to get full hook-up a week later in the 'first-come-first-serve' area which meant 2 week rotation schedule. After two weeks decided to move closer to Clearwater where class was being held. Overall, a nice experience and I'm glad I had it. Wearing masks then was a bit of a pain, but... not going there here. The RV park was very crowded, but there was sufficient space at each of the sites. A couple weeks after I left, I heard about a person in dry camp was experiencing a heart attack. They called 9-1-1, but paramedics were unable to locate their rv. The individual passed away prior to help arriving. This is second-hand information, but I heard it took 2 hours to find the victim. The famcamp was only supposed to have 30 (ish) dry campers, but had about 100 at the time. Needless to say, the solid brown waste hit the oscillating blade when leadership was informed about the incident. Some 70 dry campers were immediately evicted. Does anyone have anymore information on this? Can anyone confirm, deny or correct my story?
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