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Feb 25, 2022
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Feb 2022 - Sigsbee has been a favorite place for us for many years but this year we are to a point where we are probably not going to return any more. The incompetency of the office staff and the Gestapo attitude of many but not all of the camp hosts is at an all time high. As things are currently being run I really do not recommend this location to any one any more and it breaks my heart to say this because we really have loved the place and the people that we have met here. Unless the commander and the MWR director are able to drain the swamp in the camp grounds office and get the place running like an MWR facility should run, many many folks we know will not return. I would bet you that none of the people in the office even know what MWR stands for and I find that very sad. There are so many examples of why I am saying this that I don't want to use up that much space and time but I assure all of you that I am not some disgruntled ticked offed camper with a chip on my shoulder. I do feel however that there used to be a time when the camp hosts used to welcome guests and not spend their day looking for issues to harass the campers about. They are so petty about some of the things they jump on people about it is just ridiculous. I believe that the numbers of campers in the camp ground bears out what I am saying also, because I have never seen so few people in the camp grounds this time of the year ever. February is normally one of the busiest months down here and this year they have never been full even though the office will tell you otherwise. I have counted the empty sites almost on a daily basis and the dry camp has had at least 25 to 45 empty sites since January and this is very unusual. I really hope that the powers to be wake up and see that the office managers at Sigsbee are not doing what they were hired to do and get this place straightened out before it is ruined. People like myself that really love coming to this place will only tolerate so much incompetence and dishonesty before they give up on Sigsbee and find other places to go. I hope and pray that MWR at Sigsbee finds a way to return to caring for it's retirees and vets and active duty as they should because they deserve it.
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