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24 Feb 2021
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Agree wholeheartedly with @Maine_Adventures! I worked all last summer as a campground manager / campground host for a US Forest Service campground in the Rocky Mountains. The campground was at 100% occupancy for the three summer months it was open, had 181 individual campsites and 4 group campsites, and my wife and I, plus one other couple, were able to manage the location completely on our own. Key to this was the US Forest Service's use of an online advance reservation service ( to manage all aspects of the campground and customer experience. These modern systems completely manage all of the reservations, payment processing and campsite assignments. All we had to do was call up a list each morning of which campers would be checking out that day and who would be checking in each day. So while some users below have pointed to mismanagement, abuse of power, or lack of personnel resources; it really boils down to a (poor) leadership decision to use an outdated first come first served approach to managing this FAMCAMP. An online reservation system solves all of those issues while providing a better customer experience by removing all inventory management and financial transaction/accounting responsibilities from the staff, thereby freeing them up to act in a hospitality role to welcome and assist campers during their stays.
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