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9 February 2021
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We visited Manatee Cove in February 2021 and it seems like the place is very poorly managed. I see what other users say about needing to be part of the 'in crowd', or being on the hosts' or managers' good side, to get a spot in the campground, but to me the problem is even deeper than that. Who in the world thinks it is a good idea in this day and age to manage a customer service operation like this without offering your customers the opportunity to make advance reservations? I mean who would go to a doctor or a dentist that didn't accept appointments made in advance? Who would risk their entire vacation plans on traveling an airline that didn't sell tickets in advance? In this age of constant connection with the internet, it has even become commonplace to make reservations or purchase reserved seat tickets for movies at the cinema. So why would Patrick make customers drive all the way out to this facility with only a hope and a prayer of getting a campsite? Online self-serve reservation systems like those used at hotels, airlines, state park campgrounds and national park campgrounds not only prevent the on-site host or manager from abusing their position and rigging the system to only serve their friends as has been alleged at this location in the past, but it also requires customers to pay via electronic means such as credit or debit cards which eliminates the high costs associated with collection, handling and auditing of cash. I am not fully retired, nor a snowbird, and usually can only get a few days off at a time from my job, so with an outdated operational model like the one employed at Manatee Cove prevents me from considering this location in the future. If I've only got 3-days off from work, do I want to spend it sitting in my camper in Chevron Park just hoping someone will call me into the FAMCAMP to occupy a campsite, or would I want to make advance reservations at a state or federal park campground and know that I can spend all three days relaxing and enjoying the area? @45 FSS - There is a lot of room for improvement here to alter your business and management model and offer increased customer service to your clients. Take a hard honest look at the management of this FAMCAMP and you will find better ways to operate this facility and improve the customer experience through advance reservations.
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