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July 7-14 2020
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If you overlook how tight the spaces are and realize that it is not really for a camping experience but is for a place to have access to the beach, then this is a great place. We loved the fact that you can rent boats and equipment right here on the facility. Then there’s the fact that the Elgin AFB Beach Park is only a couple of miles away and is a private beach for military ID card holders that is right on the gulf. The reason for the overall 4 rating is because of the stickers. Two years ago we were camping at Tyndall AFB and decided to make a day trip to Destin. While we were here we checked out the Destin Army Recreation Area and were very impressed. The area between each site had lush grass and everything was very well maintained. So for this trip to the beach we decided to stay here. We were very surprised to find out the grass was gone and now it is all weeds, sand, and stickers, and that is all throughout the entire establishment. So anywhere you walk your dog they get stickers in their paws plus you track them into your camper for them to get imbedded in the carpet only to be found with bare feet. While we were here they did have a company that had started laying new sod in some of the biggest areas so maybe they will get it back to the status it was two years ago. If there was still nice grass this place would be a 5 star for me, yeah the sites are tight but it is all about location, location, location. ? While you are here be sure to make a trip to Fort Pickens which is a civil war fort on the outer island down by Pensacola Beach, well worth the drive.
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