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Florida 159943
Jan 27 - Feb 27, 2020
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Nice experience. There are currently 10 active duty families living in the park (Camp Robbins) and there are plenty of kids out playing when school lets out. Honestly, we don't mind the kids. They remind us of our childhoods of playing outside. They are respectful and all stop when reveille plays at 5pm. The laundry was clean. 4 washers/4 dryers @ $1 a piece. A lot of plane noise but that doesn't bother us either. Extremely close to the water. Just a very short walk. Post'l Point is right on the water but it looks like a trailer park and is located right outside the abandon TLF. Reminds me of a ghost town. Short drive to Destin...about 25 minutes but then there you are on that beautiful water. No diesel sold on base. Hook ups were adequate. OTA reception was poor. ATT cell coverage and Directv, no problems. Our GPS took up on a road directly across from the commissary. A dirt road that is narrow and we lost our antenna from the how branches. DO NOT TAKE THIS ROAD! We found out the next morning that if you pass the commissary, there is a road to the right that will take you there much easier (Shambo Cove). Take the first or second right once on Shambo Cove. We came in the west gate.
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