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Florida 313013
November 2019
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This is a great park. It sits right on the channel where the ocean meets the St. John's River and immediately next to the docks where they tie up the Navy ships. On any given day you can watch Navy ships, cargo ships, fishing boats, pleasure boats, and/or cruise ships go in and out of the channel. The park is spotless clean, and well run. There are 2 dog runs right on the water's edge. One for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. The Navy wifi is excellent and Verizon cell signal is strong. You are not assigned a site but when you sign in they tell you what sites are available and you can choose which one you want. Let me say that site 22 is outstanding. Great view of the channel/ocean and it feels very roomy and comfortable. The sites are spaced far enough apart that you don't feel crowded and the utilities are placed well and work well. 22 is on the second row. While there, we had a great Thanksgiving pot luck with lots of people and lots of food. I will mention that, during our stay, we had more windy days than not. Very windy...25 to 40 mph winds. Could be time of year with weather highs and lows moving through, but too often it was 'stay indoors' wind. That's okay though because the view of the water from our big windows was just fine. We will go back anytime we are in the area.
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