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18 July 2019
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BEWARE of BED BUGS!!!!!!!! We visited Mid-Bay Shores three times within the past two years. We stayed once at the campground RV spots, and they were great. The next stay was during a Thanksgiving vacation, and we stayed in the trailers. This stay was okay but not pleasant. The trailer was dirty and smelled like a wet dog. We left the trailer MUCH cleaner than when we found it. We attempted to contact 42nd FSS Outdoor Rec/ITT but were ignored. The third visit was during Memorial Day 2019, and we booked one of the bungalows. Well, that was a MISTAKE! BED BUGS!!! We discovered them after returning home. (On a side note, it takes six weeks for the infestation to occur since that is the average incubation period.) Thus, we easily narrowed the culprit down to Mid-Bay Shores since it is the ONLY place we have stayed since Thanksgiving of 2018. Again, we contacted the 42nd FSS Outdoor Rec/ITT and told them of the issue. Additionally, we requested a refund, and we were told, after a very delayed response, NO. This is an on-going and costly issue, mind you. We will not be staying at this again.
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