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Dec, 23,24,25, of 2018
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My wife and I stayed at Manatee Cove for a few nights, just to get away. I don't think that there is a management problem, just a lack of personnel to do the job. You have absolutely no idea if you will get a spot. The park is full of snowbirds and homesteaders. When we arrived, we asked one homesteader where the host was, his reply was that there is none and the office is closed, park out there and in the morning they will come get you. Well, the office was not closed, but she was at lunch and returned at 1300 hrs., but the sign said that they were closed and go see the camp host. Well there is no camp host. What she should have did was put a sign on the door will be back after lunch. It was very confusing. I did get the last site, as she said, but I seen plenty of sites empty. Most of the sites are tight to get into, so it makes it like living in a mobile home park. They have very specific rules, no rugs over a certain size, no fires, no noises and so on. If you make any noise, break a rule the park homesteaders will be the first to turn you in. It like the park has a bunch of Geriatric patients living there. You come there to enjoy yourself and have fun but there is nothing to do. They do have a small dog area, which is Ok. But watch out for the Geriatric patients with there dogs. There is no real beach, just the edge of the water with stinks. We did meet some nice people that were very sociable, and seen things as we seen them. To be honest most of the older people there were rude, like we were invading and disturbing them. Maybe when they live in there RV they forget how to socialize themselves. All in the nutshell, if you want a place to park your RV and sleep at night it's cheep. If you want to enjoy yourself, have fun, it's not the place. 
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