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December 2018
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Reservations in advance now MANDATORY. Do NOT arrive without reservations in advance. Contractor type generators will not pass new decibel restrictions of 74 db at 10 feet. Either bring quiet RV type portable generator or expect to be told not to run it or being asked to leave. Bring enough power cord to meet new mandate of all portable generators MUST be placed front center of the RV (no longer optional placement). When you arrive you will be given a pamphlet of the on board NASKW rules - PLEASE actually read it. Busy season is here. With over 70 in dry camp on Sigsbee as of today, at this time expect no more than 2 weeks in full hook up and at LEAST 2 weeks in dry camp (up to 6 weeks as it gets even busier). Upon arrival you will start in dry camp. Please watch your speeds in the campgrounds - (5 mph). Lot's of kids here this year. 
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December 21, 2018
Thanks for this information!
December 21, 2018
I made an 18-hour drive to NASKW in November 2018. It was definitely a better location and accommodations than I expected. The people in the surrounding camping spots were pleasant and sociable. I'm 44 YOA and traveled alone. I don't mind the outdoors and actually slept in my vehicle/SUV some of the time. I was required to set up a tent and abide by all the MWR rules. The campground staff members were friendly and attentive to campers needs. I actually extended my stay three extra days. I was enjoying myself and new found friendships. I'm looking to possibly make this a yearly trip and extend my camping. Flexibility is the key and you've gotta enjoy being out in the elements. However, there are plenty of places on and off the station to escape the elements. A cheap bike, helmet, and bike lock are recommended. The helmet is required on the installations.
2 results - showing 1 - 2