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Nov 2018
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Pros Location – we lucked out with a site right on the water! FHU available for 93 sites Commissary/Exchange in walking distance of campgrounds Level gravel sites Front desk staff was very helpful Camphost available for assistance if needed 5 6’s taxi service available to your specific site (as of Nov 2018) Pool located at Trumbo Fitness Center in welcome center Ticket and Travel office in welcome center Sunset Lounge has decent drinks/food located at the Marina (W-Sun 4-10pm) Cons No reservations taken – you must book what is available and hope and pray you get a FHU site at Sigsbee if that is what you are aiming for Wifi was spotty (GoWifi) Front desk is open from 9-2pm daily +/- From Oct- June There is a MANDATORY rotation every 14 days – no problem for us but for larger rigs who tend to spread out across their entire site were frustrated by the requirement. Please note that there are several bases in Key West - NAS Key West (Sigsbee), Truman, Boca Chica and Trumbo. 
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November 13, 2018
" Cons No reservations taken"

You MUST have reservations IN ADVANCE before arriving at NASKW. You cannot reserve specific sites - that part is true. But reservations are REQUIRED prior to arriving.
November 13, 2018
One more correction for clarity: Quote: "There is a MANDATORY rotation every 14 days" Not always true.

Rotation only occurs when there is a waiting list and rigs are in dry camp. If no one is waiting for a FHU site, then rotation is not underway. Once busy season fully kicks in, at that point rotation will be 14 days. In the meantime, you stay in FHU until your time is up for someone in dry camp to move to your site. That might be 14 days, 27 days, 44 days, etc. In summer low season, it could easily be 5 months or more before rotating.

Busiest time of year - it will become 14 days.
2 results - showing 1 - 2
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