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Florida 195446
September 2018
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Nice military campground. We were in a 42' RV, and while the roads were a little tight, overall, the roads were good. Roads and camping pads were recently updated. Pads are level (some are gravel, some are concrete). Utilities were excellent (power was always "clean" and proper - good water- and convenient sewer hook-ups). This is a "First Come - First Serve" campground, so it is a little annoying that you cannot call and have them tell a spot is available, even when you are an hour away. Other than the lack of reservation policy, the campground is located on the Banana River, and next to the Airfield. The Base itself is small, but nice. The campground had a dog run, which was nice. The Campground also had a small store and an air-conditioned lounge. The lounge was open 24/7. The Base had some nice facilities. Right now, half of the lots are off line for construction. Should be completed by the 2018 winter rush. Only comment was that the monthly rate of $595 was not much better than the daily rate of $22/day. This is a little expensive for a military campground, but overall, a nice place. We will be back. We enjoyed our stay, and everyone was friendly and nice. It was a little challenging getting into the gate with an RV. Make sure you understand the process, and don't just show up at any of the gates (95% will not fit in the main gates). The campground is about a 10 minute drive to any gate, so getting on or off the base was always a little further. 
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