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Florida 149729
June to Aug 2018
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This was the very first RV Military park we stayed in. The amenities here are very few. Only half of the RV sites were paved. The other half of the RV sites, your RV sat in dirt. During the time we stayed for two months, every day it rained and part of RV pad was completely under water. The camp host and his wife were extremely nice and answered all our concerns. This RV park is in need of TLC. The base it self is so beautiful. The commissary was outstanding. They have a huge PX or NEX. It was brand new and had so much to offer. I miss all the good selections of great meats. The golf club is beautiful but the food is horrible and i mean horrible, the wait staff know there is a high issue and continue to serve bad food. I called the manager of the golf club to express my concerns on the wait staff and the food issue. He was aware there are issues but not to the full extent. Much improvement needs to be taken. You can stay here six months at a pop but we moved a month early so we could be closer to my work. Hopefully this place will make a great RV park someday. Never used the facilities, bathroom. The laundry room had no AC and made it uncomfortable to wash cloths in the extreme heat of summer. No cost to use the washer and dryers. 
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