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Florida 200140
Nov 15 - Dec 20, 2017
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While tent camping at this campground: there was only one other individual at the campsite when I arrived I noted that the individual was a smoker and remained there the duration that I was there about a month and was there when I left. About four of five other sites had become occupied since my arrival. Things were pretty good for the biggest part; then suddenly, one night the other first individual mentioned that was camped out starting having violent coughing and hacking fits while screaming profane remarks and blasting the radio in the vehicle so loud that you could hear the metal vibrating from the vehicle this went on for hours. There was no getting hold of security without dialing 911. I reported this incident to the campground attendants and I did mention communicable diseases there are things out there known as airborne pathogens and I did not want to catch anything like Tuberculosis or anything like that. Shortly after this incident, not sure if anything was said to the individual about this incident by the attendants but one night immediately thereafter, returning to my site I noticed my tent had been vandalized by someone snapping one of the rods. These rods are $40.00 a piece, how many packs of cigarettes can you buy with that? Shortly after this I packed my stuff and left. 
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