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Florida 195446
May 28 - 31, 2018
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My wife and I stayed at Manatee Cove for a few nights. We arrived on Memorial Day, and we were surprised to find the office open. Registration was easy. You will have to show registration and proof of insurance for your RV and any other vehicles which you may have with you. You will also have to present proof of Rabies vaccination for any dogs if you have one. Since we arrived on a holiday, the Patrick truck gate was closed. You have to use this gate for RVs since there is no way to navigate the other gates with a longer vehicle. We called the security forces number, 321-494-2008, and we were told that someone would be there soon. Security forces were there before too long, and we were cleared to get on the base. You only have to use the truck gate to come on the base, but you can use the other gates when leaving. I asked about getting a river front site since I noticed that they were mostly empty when we drove in. I was told that they were currently closed for shore line renovation. We were given site 41 which was just across the street from the river front sites. The view was awesome. It appears that Patrick AFB was hit hard by hurricane Irma last year, and it caused shore erosion on the Banana River. It was good to see that they are working hard to restore the shore line. The campground is in my opinions divided into two different sections. The first section, which is where we were assigned, is made up of sites with gravel parking areas. This area has several trees which provide some shade. The second section look newer, and has cement parking pads, and are mostly pull through. Each section has it's own shower house/bathroom. Both shower houses look to be very well maintained. We enjoyed our stay, and will visit again.
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