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Delaware 115263
Spring/Summer 2017
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Faxed Lottery request form as previously required but no response. Called on April 12th and was told all sites were booked from April thru end of September. When asked if received Lottery request form was told no longer required at which I responded that website does not indicated that and did not receive any correspondence/email/phone call to inform otherwise. I was then informed that new priority listing was established and that a no response meant lottery(?) had been conducted and all request available dates had been filled. I was then told that reservations can be made six months in advance of requested dates.
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May 09, 2017
I have been calling them since the beginning of April and the phone rings and rings and then it hangs up. I spoke with the front desk the 2nd week in April, the week before they started taking reservations for the summer, and they said call back next Monday and then you can make reservation. They never mentioned anything about lottery or priority listing. They just said call back and make your reservation. But the phone rings and rings and then hangs up! thanks for the information.
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