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Delaware 70132
November 2009
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I Live in NJ and rent an apartment. It is very difficult to clean the outside of my 27 Foot TT. After thinking about finding a place to wash it, I decided to call Dover and ask if they have empty spot and also if i can wash it. Well, the answer was yes on both questions. Upon arrival you have to go in the Main Gate. Usually the right lane is closed but when they seen me in line they got me over to the right lane. Just asked for ID's and in I was. Located the CG and unhitched the TT. I believe the first 3 spots have no drainage, just power and water. I took the 4 spot. Well did all my cleaning roof, the sides and also had time to some of the inside. The grounds are very nice. I had no problems with leveling. No pads to park on, just gravel and all back-in. No bathhouse, no cable. Noise, well yes, from the planes taking off a lot, and also they do daily touch and goes. But it sure looks great seeing those BIG Babies taking off..... Comm. and AFEES are both small, and the Rec center where you sign in is very clean, a lot of info, and the prices was great. Off season price was $15.00, summer season $20.00. No reservations are accept, first come gets the spot. So I just went to the CG and set up. By the time I was done setting up it was late and I wanted to shower. Went the following morning to sign in. Also, off-base lots of things to do and also plenty of fast food places and a few family owned diners. Will go again. Steve
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