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June 2019
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Not bad for a weekend getaway. The Army Guard had a drill this weekend, and the troops who brought their own RVs were whooping it up late into the night. Loud slurred speech and yelling WOO HOO doesn't work after 10pm. I scoped this place out in early May and the water in the salt pond was clear, but algae has since taken over. Globs of it on the surface and you can't see to the bottom (even though it's only 1 foot near the dock). There ARE showers, bath house, and laundry facilities, but it's not near the waterfront sites. Site 1-12 are small, tight back-in sites and the facilities are near those sites. The larger pull through sites 13-22 are a 1/4 mile walk to the facilities. My computer IS picking up an unsecured wifi signal (SSID is MWR) but no idea if it works or not. No campfires allowed, so that was a bummer. $30/night is a bit high for a FamCamp, but I guess you're paying for the location, so close to the beach. No PX, Commissary, or gas station, so think ahead before you arrive. 
Bethany Beach Training Site
Bethany Beach Training Site
Bethany Beach Training Site
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