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Delaware 71931
24 June 2018
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Camped here for 5 nights. When we arrived we found our spot and settled in. Went to cook only to find the BBQ grill in horrible condition. We had to clean it out to be useable. Washer and dryer are brand new but for 10 spots there is only 1 washer and 1 dryer. Although the campground advertises 50amp service it really isn’t. Our first night everything was fine, but shortly after we woke up we began experiencing power issues. Our first connection to the 50amp circuit was fine with both legs showed 120-125. In the morning the surge protector started tripping for low voltage on both legs. We are now operating on 30amp service. If we try to use both ACs or an AC and the hot water heater we trip the surge protector. Of course it’s sunday and no one to call but even if their was other campers on site have told us that the facility is unwilling to do anything. We like it here. Nice and quiet but without the power we paid for, what’s the point. We should not be charged full price without getting what’s advertised. 
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