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Colorado 164093
30 July - 23 August 2017
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Another wonderful stay! Peregrine Pines is our favorite FAMCAMP and we try to spend time here every summer. This was our eighth stay since 2012 and the staff has managed to get us into a great and satellite friendly site every time. Even though they are loud we actually like the trains. Unfortunately the prices went up this year (again). The prices are still far lower than nightly rates in nearby commercial parks, but compared to commercial park monthly rates this FAMCAMP is not as attractive as it was just a few years ago. We will continue to come here because we really like the park, but it's not the bargain it used to be. We also continue to wonder why each year management goes more and more overboard about having everyone read, initial and sign an ever more stringent set of rules about pets, rig washing, number of vehicles allowed at sites, etc. and then does absolutely zero enforcement of said rules??? Not complaining about these rules. They make sense to us, just don't understand making a huge deal about it on check-in and then nothing, no enforcement of any kind. This is a great FAMCAMP and any gripes we may have are just crotchety old folks gnawing on a bone they love. 
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