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30MAY-01JUN 2017
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The beauty of the area was only undone by the sound of the trains all through the night. The surrounding area of the camp is beautiful. The tent sites are very nice. We had a wonderful time through the day but at night it was a total nightmare. The trains made it sound if I were camping directly on the tracks. EVERY HOUR the train passed and blew it horn and then the track noise compounded things. In between the trains was the road noise of the nearby interstate you could hear the drivers hit the rumble strips all night. When the trains stopped it was then rush hour on base and the noise intensified. Funny thing is I never heard the train horns during the day. ONLY AT NIGHT! We were scheduled to stay for longer but we couldn't take the noise and no sleep any longer and cut our visit short. Other complaints: No fire pit. It cost 7.00 a day to rent a fire pit. It was falling apart and it was almost useless to grill or toast marshmallows on. To top it off you have to pick it up and return it when your finished. I don't mind cleaning my ashes but just touching thing made you filthy. The bathrooms were not always the cleanest. I don't blame the staff as much as the guest. I would love to return to the area again but if I do I wont be staying here.
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July 15, 2017
Agree with the train. I counted at least six different train horn blasts during the night. Evidently it is to protect animals crossing tracks. That was the only really big drawback as this campground has been a great stay (1 week for me - mid July). Colorado Springs has so much to offer. Having access to the base is also a privilege. I mountain biked a 13 mile loop Falcon Trail, ran from the camp up to and around Falcon Stadium. I noticed the plush golf course but didn't get a chance to play it. This might be the most beautiful military installation that I've visited. The staff at the campgrounds do a good job maintaining the grounds, the bathhouses, and are very helpful. Sites aren't so close together as I've experienced in many recent campgrounds (Hill AFB, Offutt AFB, Warren AFB, MacDill AFB). Top Notch - only drawback is the train noise.
July 29, 2017
My family and I spent 4 nights here back in 2009 I had read about the train noise, but while we stayed there there was some noise, but not loud enough to interrupt our sleep. We are going to spend a couple nights there again in Sept-- can't wait for our stay there again.
May 27, 2018
dreading the train again as I'm returning this summer to AF Academy -'s pretty bad and continues throughout the night
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