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Colorado 164093
26 - 28 Aug and 27 Sep - 1 Oct 2016
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Possibly our favorite FAMCAMP. If our schedule would allow it, we'd spend a full 30 days here every summer. We've had ups and downs here, but both recent visits were great. FAMCMAP staff were great. Even if rates go up to $30 per night it's still a great value for this area. We find the newly renovated North Gate easier to maneuver through with our 40Ft Motorhome, towing. However, since it's the visitor entrance, the line at North Gate can get pretty long and slow at peak hours. One thing I can't figure out is why they don't do something about the high water pressure. At Crow Creek on FE Warren they have a water pressure regulator on every riser. Municipalities generally regulate their water pressure. It would seem to be a pretty low cost item to put a water regulator on the line incoming into the FAMCAMP. If the overnight spikes the camp staff claims are correct (up to 150psi), I'm sure water pressure into the base housing areas is regulated, as the claimed pressure is above what most house systems are rated for. It is easy enough to use a pressure regulator on ones water line, but RV water pressure regulators are generally not well-made and don't eliminate all risk. The sites are not real level, but we've always been able to level our MH. We ask for a satellite friendly site when making our reservation and staff has always managed to get us into one.
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