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Colorado 164093
8-30 July 2014
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First, this is probably our favorite FAMCAMP. We try to spend time here every summer. It's a topnotch facility and generally well operated by a knowledgeable staff. However, it now seems to be in decline. The WIFI is broken. They're working on fixing and upgrading it, but have to go through the usual procurement process so it'll take time. Unfortunately, when we arrived they did not let us know this. They really should let people know when they make reservations and check-in. The staff is great/helpful/welcoming in every way but one. Over the last two years they don't seem to be even attempting to enforce the camp's rules. You have to sign a statement of rules read on check-in, but there's no enforcement, and unfortunately some of our brethren are not as honorable as they might be. There's supposed to be a two pet limit, but both of the last two years we've been near (different) people who've set up play-pen yards and let five and eight dogs out unattended to bark continuously. We're dog people/owners and consider this improper regardless of any rules. When checking-in, staff make sure you're aware you're not allowed to wash your rig (with specified, paid exceptions), but on numerous occasions I've watched staff roll past people doing full wash jobs on RVs and they've never said a thing. You're only supposed to have an RV and two vehicles at a site, but this year there were five cars/pick-ups at a site for several days and four at another for almost our entire stay. There was a campsite where it appeared the people were allowed to stay for an extended period. That's fine, as I believe it was duty related. Problem is it looked like the worst caricature of trailer trash - junk everywhere and cigarette butts enough to look like a carpet. I feel sorry for the next person to get that site. This is still a great FAMCAMP and we'll return as often as we can. We're just sorry to see such a wonderful place sliding. We hope the FAMCAMP team looks around and realizes what's happening. If they do, I'm sure they'll get things squared away. BTW - within capabilities, they do actively work to keep the sites level. Check the commercial RV parks in the Colorado Springs area and you'll find the price here is a very good deal, especially since the sites are not packed together. We actually like to hear and watch the trains.
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