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4.5 146
Colorado 164093
June/July 2014
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Not a camp I'd give all fives to. Why, when so many other "glowing" reviews say this is the place to be? First and foremost, it is difficult to find a site that is near level. (We had to move sites after the first day here due to leveling problems.) Okay, maybe not a big deal, but living on an angle isn't what I would expect for a FAMCAMP of this size and magnitude. Nonetheless, it is clean, but very tight to maneuver around trees, which also block satellite reception in most sites. WiFi works . . . sometimes, and when it does it is very good. No amenities at the camp, though the base offers many. Coming in the south gate in a "big rig" is interesting due to the speed devices in place that have to be navigated. A can do situation, but be very careful and aware. No problem at gate with proper ID. Follow the directions given and not your GPS or you'll end up at the north gate, and not allowed to enter. Lots of trains passing through at night blowing there whistles. Staff very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. No view of the mountains here, just pines, which isn't all that bad. Roads are gravel/sand as are the camp sites, hook-ups all good, but make SURE you have a water pressure reducer, as the water pressure in the park can reach 100psi. The 50amp is strong. I guess the reason I gave this camp threes is that I was expecting more, particularly after reading all the glowing reviews. That said, it is always nice to be with our military family. We would stop here again.
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