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18 Jul 2021
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To register for an RV campsite at Peregrine Pines Famcamp you must provide registration and proof of insurance for both your tow vehicle (truck, car, motorhome, etc.) **AND** trailer (travel-trailer, 5th wheel, etc). We checked-in at Peregrine with an in-bed truck camper today (18Jul2021) and they requested the registration and proof of insurance for our truck and in-bed truck camper (a fully self-contained camper with shower/bed/toilet/frig/dinette that sits in the bed of our truck). When we camped at Peregrine last year with our in-bed truck camper, no such request was made. Our state (along with 41 other states) do not require an in-bed truck camper to be registered, titled or tagged. As such, we were unable to provide a registration. Long story short, the check-in clerk made an "exception" and allowed us to camp "this one time". In any case, this is just a friendly reminder to anyone with plans to camp at Peregrine Pines Famcamp: have your vehicle **AND** trailer registration and proof-of-insurance handy when you check-in. Also, a friendly reminder for those with an in-bed truck camper: if you're a legal resident of a state that does not issue a registration/title/tag for an in-bed truck camper, you may have problems obtaining a campsite a Peregrine Pine Famcamp.
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