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Jun 2006
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This is the worst Military Campground we have ever visited. We could not find the campground office so drove directly to campground via a filthy,extremely dusty,washboarded road for a couple of miles only to find it filled with people living there. No one available to ask about camping facilities and availibility. It is true they are building some new sites, however, from what I saw at the campground they too will probably be lived in full time and there appears to be no plans to pave the road going to the campground. On the way out I found the office, located in the game wardens building, there was nothing to indicate that the campground office was there, I could barely get my rv into the parking lot to talk to the campground office personnel. They, the office personnel, were lackluster at best and showed no interest in assisting me with a campspot. I asked them why there weren't any signs posted explaining where the office was, why there weren't signs posted that one must drive down a rough and dusty road to get to a campground that was filled with campers with no posted site numbers and from what we could spots available. The person in charge simply and nonchalantly asked me what I expected her to do. When I told her that they needed to post signs directing us to the campground office she had no response and regarding the issue ot the terrible road and the fact that the campground was filled with fulltimers she simply stated that no one else had ever complained about it. It is a disgrace to see a military campground in this condition and tended by such careless personnel.
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