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California 47061
August 6 - 13, 2017
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I know, we stayed here in the summer time and it was hot, but that is the summer in the desert. We had never been here before so decided to try it on our way back to Arizona. It is a nice park, well laid out with nice, wide RV pads. There is a dog run, mostly dirt and gravel, but still nice to be able to let the dogs off lead. Given the size of the base, I expected a bigger exchnage, commissary. Both were small, but did have almost everything we needed during our stay. Also, the town is close by and it has all the usual stores. There is a nice museum on base, strongly recommend you visit it. China Lake is where the Sidewinder missile was invented and there are nice displays about its development in the museum. The only thing we found disconcerting was that there did not seem tot be garbage pick-up.. The one dumpster was overflowing and nobody emptied the trash bin in the dog park or added "poop bags" during out stay. If you do have animals, i suggest keeping them inside as this is the desert and it is home to snakes, coyotes, etc. If you like peace and quiet, this is the place, if you like lots of things to do and city lights, look elsewhere.
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