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California 87204
Jan. 12, 2018
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The policy of 'no overflow parking unless all hookup sites are filled' is now being strictly enforced. Prices on full-hookup sites is now $30/night and partial-hookups (water only) is $20/night. Overflow has gone up from $5/night and is now $10/night. The laundry room drain cannot handle the only two of three operating washing machines draining at the same time, so guests are urged to stagger start times by 10 minutes. The air conditioning is always on in the laundry room. The urinal in the men's room is always running and overflowing. The partial-hookup spots are actually supposed to be full-hookups, but civil engineering hasn't fixed the electrical which was damaging AC units on some visitor's campers. The camp host was unceremoniously relieved of his post, and now an attendant from Outdoor Recreation (ODR) is in the office between 8:30am-4:30pm. If you arrive late at night, you are expected to find a vacant full-hookup spot (even if you don't require hookups) and park there. Then you must self-report to ODR if the attendant isn't available. It is against local Field Services Squadron (FSS) policy for folks to use overflow even if they are in a POV (car, truck, jeep). This is a bit sad due to a few airmen who are mostly deployed tend to use FAMCAMP while at permanent post for the month or two when they are not deployed (thank you for your comments about homesteaders). The scenic vistas from this Campground consist of the rear of the bowling alley, unkempt desert landscape, tumbleweeds, and a few drainage ditches. To be fair, they did fix the WiFi and there is basic cable in the TV room now. There it is folks. Don't shoot the messenger.
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