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California 178568
Nov 2017
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While the sites here are very close together, and the pads kind of short, they make up for it with really great common picnic areas. Not a bargain compared to other military facilities, but compared to anything else in the area, it is great. You can't beat the location. It's close to the freeway, but in a little cul de sac so the traffic noise isn't bad at all. The office staff was very friendly and helpful. One odd thing - there is a golf course and driving range right next to the RV park, but you cannot get there without getting into your car and driving along a side road to the clubhouse. While it is probably less than half a mile to the clubhouse, you cannot walk or bike over there - there are threatening signs saying only cars can go on that road. I mention this because I have no car and purposely stay at RV parks right next to golf courses for just that reason, but I was not able to golf here. There is a practice hole that you can access right from the RV park, but you have to get to the clubhouse to pay for it. The whole thing is pretty silly, but just be forewarned. One last thing - I almost decided not to come based on the review below regarding a "pest problem." I'm glad I ignored it - it looks to be a piece of creative writing by somebody disgruntled about something. I saw zero evidence of mice in the area.
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