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August 2017
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Camp Pendleton, Lake O’Neill: Upon arrival, we drove to the building the internet indicated – there is a sign on the door saying it is closed and if you need assistance call the number. We called and were told to turn around and come to the other side of the lake. The fact that the road is no more than 28 feet across and my motorhome is 40 feet long (not including the towed vehicle) did not cross their mind. They then told us to just go to our site – of course we had no idea where that was. After changing phone operators, we talked with an individual that understood our problem and he provided directions on how to get to the site. We were fortunate to have a very large tree next to the site so we would have shade in the afternoon. But the tree was sprouting a lot of growth coming out of the base of the tree and up to around the first 12 feet was like a bush. The bad news is that it was infested with small flying bugs and small spiders that were a constant problem every time we went in or out of the motorhome. We asked about trimming the sprouts and were told that is was the wrong season to trim the tree. We asked about spraying for the bugs and were told they were not a health problem only a nuisance, so they cannot spray. We went through a can of yard guard daily. The grass is gone and has been replaced with dead weeds. The whole place is a dust bowl – even walking a dog kicks up dust, don’t breathe when anyone drives on any road. The lake now has signs saying not to enter the water. The lake used to have a beach area that is now overgrown. The lake used to be a great place to fish – we were told the bass and blue gill were gone and the only fish remaining were carp, we did not go fishing. We paid the penalty fee to leave early. The morning we were leaving, a large tree branch fell and blocked the road so we could not get out. I called the office and asked if they were aware of the problem. They said they were and it would be taken care of the following day. I told them I could not get out – their answer was to either turn around (our motor home is much longer than the one lane road is wide) or back up down a one lane road for approximately ¼ mile. When I started moving the branch myself, the maintenance crew showed up and moved it. What a shame to let what was a great place to camp turn into a dump.
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