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May 2017
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We're currently at the Famcamp and are located in the non-pet area of the RV park. Very nice since we get a very large greenspace behind the RV for our 3 yo to play in. Overall this is a very nice and well run camp. I've seen some comments on this site complaining about the pet restrictions and the RV age. To clarify, the pet restrictions are the same restrictions as having any pet on base. I would assume that most people would know that bringing pets onto a military installation is going to be a bit of a pain. When I stayed in billeting with my cats prior to retirement, they had to have all their recent vaccinations and the microchip. Another annoyance is the requirement to take any firearms you own over to the armory. But I was aware of this requirement prior to coming to the base so it wasn't a surprise at all...just an additional task. Another issue that people have brought up is that they are banning RV's that are too old. I decided to take a look at the requirement and it DOES state that only RV's 1995 and newer are allowed in the park. That being said, their was also a note that stated that older RVs could stay at the RV park at the manager's discretion. I believe they're just trying to keep the hobo RVs out of the park. Nicely maintained older RVs should be fine. Pros to this park: Very nice green space; proximity to BX and Commissary; close to the main gate and easy to find; well maintained facilities (Laundry/Showers/Toilets); free ice bags; lots of green space; price Cons: 0700 Reveille (oh dear god why did we stay here) appears one of the speakers is rather close to the RV park; Noisy cars (I think this is a CA thing but at times I feel like there's a racetrack nearby); Have to have firearm secured in armory; it appears that there are quite a few homesteaders in here (not sure how that works as they can only stay 90 days out of a 180 day period). Overall this is a great RV park and would certainly stay here again if we happen to be in the area.
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