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California 75478
December 1, 2016 to April 1, 2017
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The desert location we found okay. The base has no assigned aircraft but many come here for the good winter weather to practice: including the Blue Angles Jan-Mar. It can be noisy at times but we are guest and if we don't like it then we don't have to stay there. The commissary is like the old corner grocery store: has almost everything, no problem parking and the staff is very friendly. Not sure what was going on with two groups that that come here every winter. Both groups seem to not like each other and seem to think they run the park. They complain about the management, camp host, and even the military command at the base. These two groups cause lots of friction for those staying near them. The security police was called a couple of times because one of the groups didn't like what was going on with the other group. These two groups acted very immature: like they were in grade school again. The facility commander and XO finally got involved and requested some from one of the groups to leave the base but didn't take any action on a couple other from the other group that were just a bad causing trouble. Management at the park need to get more involved with the rules and enforce them. There is no enforcement on where owners are allowed to walk their dogs. There are two dog walks available but most owners don't use them. Some sites are allowed to store lots of stuff/junk and management did not make them clean it up while I was there. Park roads need to be better marked to prevent wrong way driving on those that are suppose to be one-way. We found that the people working on the base were very friendly and were happy that we were there and using the facilities. The monthly cost to stay here is one of the best you will find with full hook ups.
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